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Judicial Disqualification & Recusal in Rhode Island

quahogRhode Island judicial disqualification precedent is scarce, but it would appear that the subject is controlled by the Article VI, Rule 1, Canons 2 and 3 of the Rhode Island Supreme Court Rules – particularly Canon 3E of the Rhode Island Code of Judicial Conduct – as well as by modest Rhode Island case law.

To review the Rhode Island Code of Judicial Conduct, including Canon 3E (the disqualification canon) click here.


1. For a recent (2013) Rhode Island case discussing prior state case law on the subject of disqualification of judges for recusal, comments and opinions click here

2. To see a recent (Dec. 2012) motion by Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee to recuse a Rhode Island state court judge click here. To review a New York Times article regarding the same subject click here

3. For a recent (Sept. 2013) Providence Journal article discussing the decision of a Rhode Island state court judge not to recuse himself click here

4. For an overview of recusal and disqualification law in Rhode Island which is updated annually see Flamm, R., Judicial Disqualification: Recusal and Disqualification of Judges, § 28.41 . To locate Rhode Island libraries that have the current edition of Judicial Disqualification click here